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Getting Started with Internet Leads (Auto)

Learn best practices when working with internet leads

Getting Started Guide:  Auto Internet Leads

We can send the caller information/lead data to multiple email addresses, or we can set up integration with Ricochet, DYL or Blitz, AND the caller information is also available on your dashboard, just click the 'Leads' tab, then click on the blue ID number!

Information Provided with Lead Includes: Consumer Information (Name, Address, Phone number, email, residence status) Vehicle Information, Credit, Home Ownership Status, Bankruptcy Status, Higher Education Level & Current Insurer.

Follow up plans and processes are important to be successful with internet leads! If you need follow up tips or ideas, check out our blog here:



If you reach the consumer and find that the lead is unqualified, you can submit your lead refund request by clicking on the blue Lead ID number in the "Leads" tab.  This takes you to the Lead details, where you will see an orange box that says "Request Refund".

Auto leads are eligible for refund for the following reasons:

  • Not looking for a quote
  • Filters do not match
  • Shopping for a different carrier
  • Looking for customer service
  • Insured with the same carrier
  • Wrong Territory
  • No driver's license or car
  • Does not speak English
  • Duplicate lead with another vendor
  • Disconnected phone number AND a bad email address

Agents have 7 days to send in lead refund requests, and the processing time is up to 3 days.

For Customer Service:  Please call (425) 658-9008, Option 2