Getting Started with iTransfers?

Learn best practices when working with itransfers. For Customer Service: Call (425) 658-9008 option 2


Our iTransfer product are highly filtered calls that go directly to you.  Here is everything you need to know about these calls to make the most of every opportunity to grow your business!

  • All calls will be on a 1:1 ratio, so you will not be competing for calls or have to press 1 to connect to the caller
  • All calls will be verified by a live person, and they will be filtered to ensure the highest quality before being sent to an agent
  • The lead data will be sent to the email address, or addresses we have on file at the time the call comes through.  Please note the email the lead data comes from is a no response email!  If you have any questions, you can email support at or call us at (425) 658-9008, option 2 for support.
  • In the event a call somehow does not match the filters, calls can be submitted for credit, as long as the calls is under 8 minutes. 
  • Please keep in mind there is a cap on how many refunds you can request, so if the caller will qualify in a short time (Ex: Tickets/accidents fall off their driving history in the next couple of weeks, or they will have a full year of continuous coverage next month), it's best to set up a follow up process for that call instead of asking for a refund.
  • We must hear why the call is unqualified on the recording.
  • Any unanswered calls or calls that go to voicemail will be billed and will NOT be refundable
  • You have 72 hours to submit refund requests, this includes weekends
  • We suggest setting up daily caps, throttles and adjusting schedules to ensure you have someone available to take these calls
  • Calls are billed upon connection

Reasons to Request Refunds

  • Insured with the same carrier
  • Out of territory
  • Doesn't speak English
  • Less than a year of continuous coverage for Preferred iTransfers, or less than 6 months for Standard iTransfers
  • 3 or more at fault incidents/accidents
  • Has a major violation
  • Looking for customer service
  • No driver's license or car
  • Shopping for another carrier
  • Duplicate lead

Quoted calls are considered Valid and are nonrefundable


Need to Pause the Calls?

In the black banner at the top of the dashboard, you can click on "Pause Offers".  In the drop down, select Call Offers, then check the box next to the appropriate offer and select the date range.  Once you hit save and go back to the main page, you should see an orange banner saying there are offers paused.