Getting Started with Data Transfers?

Learn best practices when working with warm data transfer calls For Customer Service: Call (425) 658-9008

Getting Started Guide for Data Transfer Calls

We can send caller information to multiple email addresses, BUT the caller information is also available in your dashboard. Just click the 'Calls' tab, then click on the blue ID number!

A data transfer call comes from an eager consumer who has confirmed lead information emailed to you two minutes after you connect to the call! Due to that fact, data transfer calls are in high demand and are charged the lead price to your account, $8.25-$18.75, depending on the lead information provided, if you are unable to answer the call.

Consumers who must wait on hold for too long sometimes drop off the line, however we hear from many clients that they often call back and close within a day or two!

We suggest setting up daily caps, throttles and adjusting your schedules to ensure you have someone available to take these calls.

Once you connect, you have 2 minutes to qualify or disqualify your caller.


Reasons to Disconnect the Call:

  1. If the caller provides incorrect information such as a bad phone number or e-mail address.
  2. The callers information does not match what was initially provided, such a lapse in coverage, accidents, etc.
  3. If the caller is a duplicate lead between Avenge Digital and another service provider.
  4. If the caller is currently insured with your same company.

Need to Pause the Calls?

In the black banner at the top of the dashboard, you can click on "Pause Offers".  In the drop down, select Call Offers, then check the box next to the appropriate offer and select the date range.  Once you hit save and go back to the main page, you should see an orange banner saying there are offers paused.

Quoted calls are considered Valid and nonrefundable

Calls over 2 minutes are valid and non-refundable.

*If an agent ends a call for no reason, you will be charged for the call*