Getting Started with Final Expense Calls?

Learn best practices when working with Final Expense Calls




Please ask these qualifying questions before asking for name, address, or anything else:

  1. Are you calling for a guaranteed issue or Final Expense/Guaranteed Issue quote today?
  2. What is your age?

Callers should be between the age of 55-85 and looking for a guaranteed issue/final expense insurance quote.

*If the caller is not looking for guaranteed issue or final expense insurance, politely end the call and submit for credit.

Reasons to end a call:

  • If they are NOT looking for a quote, politely end the call immediately. 
  • If the caller is outside the age range
  • If the caller is unable to answer the qualifying questions, or is unable to provide the information needed for you to quote them, you may end the call.

*Pricing is not a valid reason to end the call

In order to avoid being charged, the call must be disconnected in under 2 minutes.

Calls over 2 minutes are valid and non-refundable.

**If agents get the consumer's phone number and disconnect, the call will be billed to you**