Getting Started with Home Calls?

Learn best practices when working with homeowner insurance calls. For Customer Service: Call (425) 658-9008






Please ask these qualifying questions before asking for name, address, or anything else:

  1. Are you ready for your home quote in (your state)?
  2. Who is your current insurer?
  3. Are you calling about a Homeowners or Renters?

Reasons to end a call:

  • If they are with the same company, direct them to customer service and end the call.
  • If they are looking for a renters quote, politely end the call and inform them this line is for homeowners quotes only.
  • Politely end the call if you are unable to quote.
  • If they are not looking for a quote, politely end the call immediately.

If you choose to move forward with quoting, the call will be considered valid.

Calls where the consumer answers the questions & qualifies, but does not match your specified filters, are eligible for credit.

  • Calls under 2 minutes are eligible for 100% credit.
  • Calls between 2-8 minutes are eligible for 50% credit.

You have 72 hours from receiving the call to request credit.

For calls to be eligible for credit, the qualifying questions must be asked at the beginning of every call. Please ask these questions before name, address, or anything else.

**Credit requests are processed within the same business day that we receive the refund request from our agents. The only exception would be if the credit request is sent to us after business hours or on weekends. In those cases, we process the credits as soon as we are back in the office on the next business day.

Disconnected calls

A call can only be submitted for being "Disconnected and Unable to Reach Back" after 24 hours, as the consumers phone number is provided in your dashboard. Please try to reach them back, as many times we have heard from clients that they often close a policy from a call back two to three days later!

If you send a disconnected call in for credit without a follow up of what happened, it is subject to being rejected.

If a disconnection issue is persistent, please contact us immediately.Learn best practices when working with insured auto calls.


Reasons Credit Requests Could be Rejected
• The agent quotes the caller
• The agent ends the call with a promise to call or email the customer back
• The agent ends the call because of price
• There are no notes showing the agent did a follow up call if the call is disconnected
• The agent gets the caller’s phone number and disconnects